On this Monday 30th July 2018 celebration of FESPAD and national sharing (umuganura) proceeds with copyrights workshop conference where the attendees discussed the issue without leaving aside Collective management and creative industries as they go hand in hand.

Minster Uwacu Julienne opening officially the copyright workshop conference

This workshop has been organized by ministry of culture and sport and its partners that are Rwanda Development Board, ministry of trade as venue to raise awareness on copyright, Intellectual property law and its importance within framework of cultural and creative industries in Rwanda and Africa in General. This conference was officially opened by minister of sport and culture Uwacu Julienne. She welcomed ministers and guests from different African countries like Burkina Faso, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville and Ethiopia.

Ministers of Senegal, DRC, Burkina Faso and Rwanda

During this workshop, African director of CISAC Samuel Sangwa said in Africa so many users of artistic works are still pig headed to pay royalties. Amongst them are broadcasters, putting things otherwise are televisions and radio stations nonetheless are the ones who tremendously consume those works of artist. ‘’Broadcasters are reluctant to pay royalties; this is the big issue in Africa we have fortunately little by little many Africans are being intellectual property rights literate and this will have positive impact on rights of authors in our continent of Africa” Samuel Sangwa African director of CISAC said.  

Samuel Sangwa director of CISAC in Africa attended the conference

Democratic republic of Congo culture Minister Astride Madia Tumba said in Congo artists are still living miserable life. She adds that in Africa rights of authors must be respected like other rules and regulations.’’ In Democratic republic of Congo our artists are living in miserable life notwithstanding their works are out and out used across the country and abroad but rights of Authors must be respected like other obligations “Said Madiya Tumba , Democratic republic of Congo culture minister


Mrs Nadine Bwiza Chief Executive officer of Rwanda Society of Authors Said although the society is multidiscipline but they began with music users but next year they will begin to deal with the users of other disciplines so as to achieve RSAU goals. Nadine went on saying that it is arduous to convince users because they ignorant of the intellectual property law. She also uttered that even artists are not aware of the law and their rights. RSAU inspectors took time to show the attendees short practical presentation showing their daily working as technicians. They also highlighted setbacks and hampering factors that prevent them from achieving and performing effectively and efficiently. In nut shell they requested earnest cooperation with Rwanda investigation bureau so as to support the society to implement the law and judiciary procedures for those who infringe the Rwanda intellectual property law. They also artists themselves to work hard with RSAU lest they should fail.

Many an artist has attended the workshop and they had time to give their views. Andy Bumuntu was the one of them. He suggested that there should be tough cooperation of Authors, government and collective management organization. ’’Government, authors and African collective Management organizations should work together” Andy Bumuntu said.
Ministers from different countries took time to share experiences on copyright in their countries. Abdullatif kulibali minister of culture in Senegal said that in Senegal they began with struggle the users have gotten understood the copyright. Kulibali said that they collect more than 800 million of cefa per year of royalties.
Burkina Faso minister of arts and tourism shared the experience Abdulukalim Khalim said that African countries have the same problems of ignorance on copyright. He said that broadcasters are very reluctant to pay royalties.
African union representative in this workshop Mrs Angela Martins said that AU is working hard to promote artists and culture of reading, hence in March this year had been organized the meeting discussing copyrights and intellectual property rights.
Dr James vuningoma Chief executive officer of Rwanda academy of Language and culture said the opportunity the artists have must not only be exploited in national level but also on international level particularly in Africa.
This meeting was participated by different artists in in various discipline. The conference was closed by Vincent Munyeshyaka Minister of trade in Rwanda.
This year the FESPAD ( FESTIVAL PANAFRICAIN DE DANCE) Will be celebrated with Rwandan annual Umuganura, Rwanda day . Annually celebrated by Rwandans at the beginning of every harvest. Umuganura is celebrated every first Friday of the month of august and is public holiday in Rwanda.

Senegal Minister of culture Abdulatif Kulibali participated in the conference


DRC Minister of culture astride Madiya Tumba


Different artists were in the conference such as Bulavan,Jule Sentore


Binamungu Epaphrodite ,Chairman of RSAU took time to converse about copyright and Rwanda society of Authors.

Rwanda minister of trade Vincent Munyeshyaka who closed copyright workshop conference on this Monday 30th July 2018 held at Grand Legacy Hotel.

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